Business Funding Conference // 2018
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About Our Conference

Do You Need Money to Grow Your Business?

Finally, break through the confusing maze of how to raise the funds to grow your new business.

This 10-hour interactive conference will introduce you to the various CHALLENGES small businesses face in the funding arena and how to overcome these challenges.

*We guarantee that you will be given information and tools that will help you build or improve your personal and business financial profile, and help you gain access to capital for startup or growth. If after attending the entire event - either in person or online - and completing the coursework presented you are not convinced that what you learned and received can help you, we will fully refund your attendance fee.
"There is a SCIENCE to asking for money ... And We've Cracked The Code!"


Are you tired of hearing the same thing every time you try to seek funding to start or grow your business? Are you ready to find out how to turn the 'NO' to 'YES' when it comes to funding your business?

Are you tired of being told that...

  • You don't have the revenue history to support a loan
  • Your business is not an attractive "investment" for capital funding
  • Your personal credit is not strong enough to get a business credit line

Get a fresh PERSPECTIVE.

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A full day of incredible speakers and powerful information as they reveal the many options available for funding your business and what you need to do to present a solid foundation for attracting and procuring the funds needed to grow your business.

Introduction to the Importance of Strategic Sequencing in the Funding Success Framework
By Danna Olivo
Overview of Early Stage Financing Options for Start-ups and How to Get the Funds Needed Early On
By Jeff Shick
Building a Network of Master Influencers Designed for Growth and Credibility
By Don Ward
Building Sustainable Revenue Streams for Non Profits
By Hugh Ballou
Introduction to the Art of Bartering for Services and Products
By RC Williams & Julianna Ormond
Tapping into the Digital Money Tree with Bit Coin & CryptoCurrency
By Justin & Tonya Recla
Understanding the Capital Raise Process and planning for Growth
By Berny Dohrmann
Understanding Legal Compliance Requirements When Soliciting Investors
By Russell Weigel III
Speaking to Investors. What They Want and How to Position for that YES!
By Tony Tontat
Understanding Crowdfunding Program
By Mark Jones


Full-Day Interactive Conference

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Travel Information

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the venue

We are proud to be holding our conference at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport. You will enjoy the beauty of this fantastic facility while you learn how to improve your business!


The facility is within walking distance of The Orlando International Airport. You can also take a free shuttle from any of the terminals. There is free parking on-site for guests attending the event.

accomodations & dining

For our out-of-town guests, there are many outstanding rooms right here at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport There are also several restaurants on the premises for your convenience.

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